Influencer Vetting & Certification

Sylo provides brands and agencies the ability to avoid prevalent causes of waste in the influencer selection process. See how Sylo data helps you reach a higher ROI.
Our Approach
Pre-Campaign Vetting + Influencer Accreditation
Sylo collects thousands of data points on each influencer channel and post, powering unmatched analytics that have been refined through years of observation and testing.
Industry leading fraud detection protects you from paying for fake followers and bot engagement.
Transparent access to verified benchmarks allows you to set pricing commensurate with channel performance.
Sylo Certification distills millions of data points and insights to convey the investment worthiness of an influencer channel.

Influencer Fraud Detection

Purchased activity on influencer accounts can often be obscured. Many current tools are ineffective at protecting against the various sophisticated forms of influencer fraud. With data from four years of observation and testing, Sylo has determined that high-frequency, always-on data collection, and equally sophisticated analytical methods are necessary to identify and avoid the multiple forms of influencer fraud utilized today.
Are Your Influencers Sylo Certified?
Sylo Certified influencers are more likely to exceed contractual performance obligations with a consistent, engaged, and authentic audience. Sylo Certified creators deliver:
Higher Impression rate.
Higher Reach rate.
Higher Engagement rate.
What ‘Estimates’ Won’t Tell You
Scraped data provides ‘cheap’ data access, unverifiable ‘inauthentic audience’ percentages and unhealthy, estimated insights.
Sylo Data Collection

The Missing Piece to Your Tech Stack

If you plan on running an influencer campaign, and want to maximize the return of your spend, Sylo is the place for you. The process is easy - we’ll invite any prospective influencers to grant us access to share their metrics with you, and from there we will arm you with the information you need to allocate your budget as effectively as possible.
Measure with Sylo
Sylo’s campaign measurement and optimization helps marketers determine the efficiency of spend, gain insights into future investment and budget allocations, and it’s all from real-time, continuously verified data. Let’s narrow the gap between campaign investment and impact.
Campaign Measurement and Optimization
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