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Campaign Tracking
Sylo’s third-party campaign tracking serves as an agnostic validator of influencer's campaign performance.
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The New Standard
Change the Status Quo
Sylo's Tracker helps marketers determine the efficiency of spend and gain insights into future investment + budget allocations - all through the lens of real-time, continuous collection of consensually verified data. Let’s narrow the gap between campaign investment and impact.
Ditch the screenshots.
All your campaign content in one place.
Your money, your data.
Easily searchable and reportable, from the source.
Case Study
Ad-Spend Analysis, No Longer a Black Box
Brands / Agencies have used measurement and reporting controlled by buy-side influencer marketing partners. How do you check if your ad-buy was delivered in full?
Platform X reported:
  • Engagement rate was 2X Instagram’s benchmark.
  • Creator’s engagement was consistently trending upward.
  • Campaign completely aligned with the creator’s content.
  • Recommended the brand purchase an ambassador program.
Sylo’s analysis found that Platform X:
Over-reported impressions by:
Reported Engagements off by:
Only independent, direct access to your verified campaign data guarantees your receive what was paid for.
Conflict of Interest
Since we don’t have a horse in the race, our measurement (and judgement) is never clouded.
Quality Has Suffered for Convenience
What ‘Estimates’ Won’t Tell You
Scraped data provides ‘cheap’ data access, unverifiable ‘inauthentic audience’ percentages and unhealthy, estimated insights.
Sylo Data Collection
Sylo + Nielsen
Influence Measured
Leveraging Nielsen’s proprietary retail sales and shopper marketing data, the journey to causality of influencer marketing campaigns and their ROI begins with Sylo.
Make Informed Decisions
From viewing individual posts and post performance to overall campaign efficacy, Sylo’s Tracker helps you determine the efficiency of your ad-spend (ROAS/ROI) as well as insights into how you should invest in the future. In tandem, third-party measurement allows creators who are committed to the longevity of their brands to have honest negotiations based on fees that are commensurate with performance.
Sylo + Tracking
Better Intelligence = Smarter Decision Making
Audience and engagement validation are achievable only through continuous, real-time observation of verified metrics; not through high level, sporadic, estimated analysis.
The Gap: Investment and Impact

Information asymmetry has held back brands from achieving higher ROI on their influencer marketing investments for too long. Influencer networks that are part of the media buying process will no longer control the data.

Get More by Spending Less

With Sylo Tracking, the reduction in time related costs is significant, estimated to be on average over 75% time saved per campaign. Additionally, always-on access to verified metrics means no more manual data entry and human error.

Direct Access to Your Measurement

With Sylo, you will have transparent access to the metrics that matter, and better understand which campaigns and influencers are delivering the biggest impact.

Our Solutions
Predict with Pulse
Analysis of audience authenticity and verified engagement through authenticated metrics is the only proven means to avoid ad-spend waste, fraud, and improve ROI.
Gain confidence that you’re investing in healthy audiences, and assess the risk and returns of your ad-spend investment.
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