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Analysis of audience authenticity and verified engagement through authenticated metrics is the only proven means to avoid wasting ad-spend and improve ROI.
No Bull
Pre-Campaign Vetting + Influencer Accreditation
Analyze ad-spend investment worthiness before you invest.
Pulse provides real-time tools to assess ROI risks.
Pulse verifies and provides inventory accreditation.
Sylo Certification facilitates transparent negotiation.
Conflict of Interest
Since we don’t have a horse in the race, our measurement (and judgement) is never clouded.
Introducing Sylo Certification
Sylo Certification represents the risks and investment worthiness of an influencer’s channel. This accreditation, used in tandem with a channel’s performance benchmarks, assesses their potential return on investment. Certification is based on information consensually sourced directly from the Instagram API.
Are Your Influencers Sylo Certified?
Sylo Certified influencers are those that are observed by Sylo as likely to exceed contractual performance obligations with a consistent, engaged, and authentic audience. Sylo Certified creators deliver:
Higher Impression rate.
Higher Reach rate.
Higher Engagement rate.
What ‘Estimates’ Won’t Tell You
Scraped data provides ‘cheap’ data access, unverifiable ‘inauthentic audience’ percentages and unhealthy, estimated insights.
Sylo Data Collection
Ad-Spend Waste
We Help You Avoid it
Current ad-spend waste-avoidance methods frequented by the industry leave marketers guessing. With Pulse, you’re able to assess channel risk based on a sophisticated analysis of an influencer’s audience, behavioral indicators, and channel performance, representing the investment worthiness of an influencer. Because our assessment is based on information consensually sourced directly from the Instagram API, you can be confident in the integrity of the results.
The Factors

Incomplete Data
Vanity Metrics
Scraped Data
Biased Advice
You + Pulse
Don’t Settle for The Tip of the Iceberg
Most of the industry accesses and presents data via scraping, which is often erroneous, unreliable, and only presents the tip of the iceberg.
Why Bots Are Misleading

It is normal and unavoidable for any account to have some level of bot engagement and bot-following. Benchmarks and third-party monitoring for inorganic follower and engagement activity is the solution.

What They (and You) are Missing

Direct from the source verified data provides a complete, granular view of account health and performance, and facilitates effective decision making that is not possible with estimated data.

ROI In Influencer Selection

Sylo Certification is the expressway to identifying authentic partners that are most likely to drive higher ROI.

All Industries Have a Sylo

Independent, third-party verification is integral in all other forms of media. It is now time to ask for the standard in Influencer Marketing too.

Our Solutions
Measure With Sylo
Sylo’s Tracker helps marketers determine the efficiency of spend, gain insights into future investment and budget allocations-all from real-time, continuous verified data. Let’s narrow the gap between campaign investment and impact.
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