The New Standard

Sylo Certification sets the standard for truth and transparency in influencer marketing. Getting certified distinguishes the bad actors from the creators advertisers can invest in.
It's Industry Wide
Fraud threatens consumer trust, investment, and innovation, striping the “influence” from influencer marketing.
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The Problem

Fraud Threatens Your Reputation and Bottom Line

In an industry where audiences are unreliable, standards are non-existent, and fake influence is pervasive, influencer marketing fraud is real, painful, and costly.
You need to know if your partner is the real deal.
The Solution

Sylo Certified Creators Boost Confidence

Sylo Certified creators have credible, authentic, and engaged audiences you can invest in and trust. Only creators that demonstrate consistent, healthy and active audiences are Sylo Certified. Finally, you can make informed decisions with comfort, clarity, and confidence.

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Trusted by the Industry

Sylo partners with leading governing bodies to develop influencer marketing industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Sylo Certified?

    The majority of creators are legit. However, bad actors are forcing brands and agencies to demand transparency and third-party verification. Sylo certification gives brands and agencies comfort that their creator partners are credible and gives creators confidence that they’ll stand out from the pretenders. When brands and agencies have confidence that you’re a credible creator, you can negotiate the compensation you deserve.

  • How do I get started?

    Creators have to first register with Sylo. Signing up is simple. Within 15-30 days, we use our proprietary algorithms to observe and evaluate your account(s) to ensure there are no follower or engagement irregularities and that your audience is authentic. Only creators that demonstrate consistent, healthy and active audiences become Sylo Certified.

  • Who can become Sylo Certified?

    At this time, influencers with 10,000+ Instagram followers are eligible to be Sylo Certificated. For Instagram creators, only business accounts are eligible.

  • Can I lose my certification?

    Once you sign up with Sylo, we observe and evaluate your social media platforms and audiences on an ongoing basis. If we detect any follower or engagement anomalies, you may become at risk to losing your certification status.

  • As a creator, if my account was not certified, when can I have it re-evaluated?

    The certification is ongoing. As long as a you meet the process requirements outlined above, you are eligible to be recertified.

  • What is considered anomalous activity?

    Frequent Audience Incentivisation Events and Inorganic activity, such as purchasing followers or engagement, can be considered negative and may prevent Sylo Certification.

  • What are Audience Incentivisation Events and why are they bad?

    Audience Incentivisation Events, such as loop giveaways and follow trains, often create an unengaged follower base that is not authentic. A large, disengaged audience is less meaningful than a smaller, more active follower base.

  • As a creator, do I have a say in the certification process?

    At Sylo we are always interested in answering questions and receiving feedback for the Creator Dashboard, the certification process, or any of our other products and services.

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