Hi, we’re Sylo. The third-party measurement and analytics source for social marketing, providing brand safety¹, data transparency², and actionable insights³.

Brand Safety

We take the risk out of investing.

We use the health of a creator’s audience and engagement as a measure of accountability, not the ever-present varying number of bots. Through our proprietary monitoring and analysis, Sylo provides the peace-of-mind so you can invest in safe, long term creator relationships.

  • The Sylo Pulse

    Fraudulent activity doesn’t happen all at once. That’s why we created the Pulse, a system that alerts you to unusual activity in realtime.

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Tracking & Reporting

3rd-wheel, we’re ok with that.

Don’t settle for incomplete screenshots or self-reporting. Analyze both public and private performance data from an independent, third-party.

Need to plan a campaign, verify talent, forecast against benchmarks, and analyze post-campaign performance? What used to take hours for evaluation, optimization, and reporting is done in a matter of minutes, on your schedule.

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Spend smarter.

How does this content compare? Am I reaching the right audience? Am I surpassing my benchmarks? We categorize content and provide performance benchmarks so you can understand which content and themes resonate most with your creator’s audience.

  • We Data Better

    With insights from public and private data, we help you understand and optimize performance. Learn more about the Sylo difference.

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Get the most out of Sylo.

Join Fortune 500 brands and the world's largest advertising agencies in using one standard.

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