Hi, we’re Sylo. We partner with brands, agencies, influencers, talent managers, and influencer marketing platforms to provide the only independent, 3rd-party evaluation and performance analytics solution that delivers data straight from the source—creators.


Prove Your ROI

Make it easy to justify campaign budgets and negotiate fair rates based on independent, 3rd party metrics, which deliver precise ROI attribution and performance measurement. With Sylo’s Tracker product, there’s no more guesswork.

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Protect Your Reputation

Transparency and trust separate the players from the pretenders. Sylo’s solutions provide a bulletproof vetting and evaluation process, which preserves and protects brand and creator reputations. With Sylo’s Pulse product, there are no more surprises.

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Build Real Relationships

With Sylo, our partners forge partnerships rooted in trust and transparency, empowering them to align on values and campaign goals, assess compatibility and capability and create content and experiences that drive real results. With Sylo, there are no more silos.

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