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When you settle for surface-level public metrics, or self-reported performance, you only see a fraction of the complete picture. When creators authenticate with Sylo, they allow us to measure both their public and private performance data to provide unparalleled insights.

Data with Sylo

Sylo collects clean, public, private, and proprietary data on influencers’ social media posts every 5 minutes to verify audience and performance.

When your team needs to plan a campaign, verify your talent, forecast against benchmarks, and analyze post-campaign performance, Sylo provides the data that others simply can't.

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The Sylo Score

Brands, who need a standard to measure success, and creators, who need to sell success, turn to the Sylo score - an unbiased, independent score, comprised of three universal and measurable attributes:

  • Performance

    Deep analytics broken down by Engagement, Consumption, and Reach

  • Audience

    Authenticity of audiences and their interactions with content

  • Brand Safety

    Brand integrity, bot and fraud detection, and FTC compliance

Verification with Sylo

The days of self-reporting are over. Fraud and bot traffic have driven advertisers to demand more data transparency from verified and vetted creators...The kind only Sylo can provide, using machine learning, and manual content analysis to identify potentially harmful content.

Creators register and oAuth their social media accounts so Sylo can access their public and private data, allowing us to analyze the life of the posts, and their interaction patterns, on a minute-by-minute basis. We’re able to recognize if there is bot or viral activity based on spikes unique to the patterns.

Forecasting with Sylo

Once Sylo verifies that creators' audience and post data are free of fraud, we provide measurement and content analysis so you can see what is and isn't performing well. This can include anything from your creator partners, content, campaigns, social media platforms, demographics, to the day and time of day you're posting, and beyond.

Sylo also delivers key insights into your past and current strategies to predict and inform future strategy performance.

Reports with Sylo

Sylo’s cross-channel analytics platform will help you better understand your audience, improve your content performance, support your brand pitches, and in the end, help you packaged these insights into better reports.

From validating spend to brand safety, Sylo provides you with the knowledge and insights to make the most of your influencer marketing efforts.

Privacy by Design

We protect your data as if it were our own. We work with creators and brands every day to make sure their data security requirements and expectations are met or exceeded. And yes, we’re GDPR compliant.

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