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Gain insight into the creators who have verified influence with their audience. Join Fortune 500 brands and the world's largest advertising agencies in using one standard.

What Others Can’t Tell You

When your team needs to plan a campaign, verify talent, forecast against benchmarks, and analyze post-campaign performance, Sylo provides the data that others simply can't.

Not (just) Another Dashboard

What used to take hours for discovery, evaluation, optimization, and reporting is done in a matter of minutes. We provide the verified insights that drive actual ROI.

Look Before you Leap

We provide performance benchmarks so you can understand what types of content and themes resonate most with your creators’ audiences.

Dig Deeper

Don’t settle for surface-level public metrics or scraped data. Analyze both public and private performance data to gain unparalleled insights into your campaigns.

No Standard (until now)

With our independently verified data, you’ll receive the validation and complete picture needed to invest in long-term relationships with creators. Our proprietary Sylo score is a function of three primary factors: performance, audience, and brand safety.

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Built by You

Over the past year, we've worked with over 300 brand marketers, agencies, creators, and talent managers to create one standard measurement language built by and for the influencer marketing community.

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Be the Standard

Since launching our data analytics, insights, and measurement platform, we've earned the trust of Fortune 500 clients and the world's largest advertising agencies to develop one standard.

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Access independently verified, unparalleled measurement and reporting on your creators, campaigns, benchmarks, and more.

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Get verified and noticed by the world’s top brands by taking control of your data with Sylo’s measurement, planning, and analytics tools.