For Creators

I create content on YouTube and other social media platforms. Is SYLO for me?

Yes! Whether you're an established creator or are just starting to break through on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we provide insights that will help you better understand your audience, and best represent yourself to brands.

What if I'm already with an MCN or exclusive to one or more social media platforms?

No problem! SYLO is an agnostic platform which means that anyone, and everyone, can use it to optimize their content and gain independent, 3rd-party data to support their brand collaborations.

Why do you need me to authorize access to my social accounts?

Your authorization ensures the most accurate data collection brands require when partnering on campaigns with you. You receive the same data in your hands so you have the information you need to make the best deals with your brand partners.

What does it cost, and are there any commitments after I register?

It's free and comes with zero commitments.

How long will it take me to sign up?

The whole process takes fewer than 5 minutes. We ask you a few simple questions about your audience and your content themes.

Why do you ask me about my audience when I register?

We can tell from the data what audience you’re reaching; and if we know what audience you intend to reach, we can help you understand whether you’re succeeding.

Why do you ask me to categorize my content when I register?

Our content experts watch and categorize each piece of content you create. It is helpful for them to know how you think about your own content.

Why do you ask me about past brand deals when I register?

As our content experts categorize your content, they also keep an eye out for branded content and label it with the brand name. Understanding how you’ve worked with brands in the past is part of how we help you identify brands that might be a good long term partners.

What is a SYLO Score?

The SYLO Score compiles the various metrics you know, as well as metrics you don't see, sorted into reach, consumption and engagement, and then provides a weighted average based on brand-specified criteria.

What do you mean when you say you “categorize” my content?

When you upload your content, you tag it so it can be found online through hashtag searches, SEO, or the like. You use tags you hope will make your content discoverable to an audience. SYLO, on the other hand, uses words that categorize your content to make it more discoverable to brands (such as “lifestyle,” “travel,” “men’s fashion,” or “beauty”). But don’t worry — SYLO never interferes with the tags you carefully assign to your content because our categorization happens in our own platform.

Can I learn anything about my content through SYLO’s categorization?

Yes! Our categorization allows you to identify and understand deeper themes in your content that you might not have thought of. This can help you both with your content strategy and your business strategy.

What if I change my mind and want to leave the SYLO platform?

No problem. Because SYLO is a completely voluntary platform you can deauthorize your social accounts in your SYLO profile at any time and close your account. But, since SYLO is free, not exclusive, and adds to your understanding of your content strategy and brand sales potential, we hope you’ll continue to utilize us as a partner in your success. Before you decide to leave the platform, please give us an opportunity to address your concerns by contacting us at support@meetsylo.com.

Can SYLO help me get deals with brands?

SYLO is a influencer measurement partner to both brands and creators. We direct all brand partnership inquiries to you or your representative.

I did a brand campaign! Now what?

SYLO provides independent measurement help you put perspective for your brand partner on the campaign's performance. SYLO is dedicated to helping brands and creators form long-term partnerships.

How do I give my Manager/Agent access to my account in the SYLO app?

Your manager can log into your SYLO account using the same log-in credentials you created when you registered with SYLO.

Please note: SYLO does not store your password and will never share your login credentials with anyone.

I don’t understand why some of my SYLO Scores seem low. Why is that?

The SYLO Score algorithm is designed deliberately to create a forced range that ranks all your content across one platform at a time. This design allows you to see at a glance which content is resonating most or least with your audience, which is especially helpful in allowing you to see how your branded content performs in relation to your native content. Your SYLO Scores are relative only to you (i.e., your scores are not being compared to anyone else). So, think of all of your SYLO Scores as clues to what parts of your content strategy are working best and what parts can be improved or reconsidered.

For Brands

We are contacted all the time by vendors in the influencer marketing space. How is SYLO different?

SYLO is the only third-party measurement provider in the influencer space that can tell brands how their content is performing relative to an influencer's channel. With the SYLO Score, generated from our proprietary theme-related data, influencers and brand marketers now have standardized measurement for campaigns.

What's the unique value of SYLO analytics compared with others in the marketplace?

By establishing benchmarks SYLO determines the value of your campaigns, allowing you to make informed marketing decisions. For companies seeking transparency, verification, and measurement for influencer campaigns, similar to what is demanded from other forms of media, SYLO's technology delivers the missing piece.

What exactly does SYLO do?

Our benchmark SYLO Score is influencer marketing’s equivalent to a Nielsen rating for a TV show. It shows the average performance of specific posts. When you are considering a partnership with an influencer, their average performance is a key factor when choosing to work with them. Using SYLO, you can standardize the measurement of every piece of paid influencer content, and easily compare performance across any number of campaigns.

When should I call SYLO?

As a brand marketer, you need unbiased, accurate, and independent measurement of your influencer marketing campaigns. SYLO provides full transparency and verification of the metrics you require and has built additional measures to provide a fuller view of performance and campaign understanding.

Does SYLO replace my creative agency?

No. SYLO is an influencer measurement company that enables brands, agencies, and creators to constantly improve their campaigns through our advanced measurement and reporting capabilities.

How is SYLO different from social listening platforms?

Our third-party measurement provides full transparency and verification into influencers’ posts within a campaign report to ensure that your influencer campaigns are working as hard as they can.

Brands want to know whether they have partnered with the right creators, with the right type of content, on the right social platforms — SYLO provides these answers.

How does SYLO work with influencers?

By using SYLO’s free Creator App, influencers gain control of their brand business.

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