Unparalleled Insights, Verifiable Results

Sylo is the third-party measurement and data analytics source for influencer marketing, providing brand safety, data transparency, and unparalleled insights for both the brand and creator communities.

Brand Safety

Whether it's audience verification or content-brand alignment, Sylo provides peace of mind.

Live Tracking

Track in-depth campaign data in real time, maximize ROI and take control of your data.


With insights from public and private data, we help you understand and optimize performance.

What Others Can’t Tell You

When your team needs to plan a campaign, verify talent, forecast against benchmarks, and analyze post-campaign performance, Sylo provides the data that others simply can't.

Look Before You leap

How does this content compare? Am I reaching the right audience and how well will they engage with this content? Am I surpassing my benchmarks? With Sylo’s breadth of forecasting tools, you’ll know before you do.

The Sylo Score
& the New Standard.

The lack of trust in social marketing is no secret. That’s why brands, who need a standard to measure success, and creators, who need to sell success, turn to the Sylo Score. An unbiased, independent score, comprised of three universal and measurable attributes:

  • Performance

    Deep analytics broken down by Engagement, Consumption, and Reach

  • Audience

    Authenticity of audiences and their interactions with content

  • Brand Safety

    Brand integrity, bot and fraud detection, and FTC compliance

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The Business of Trust

Our proprietary Brand Safety score is a function of two primary factors – integrity and performance. Integrity includes content awareness (by your standards). Performance speaks to the authenticity of creators’ audiences and interactions.

Privacy by Design

We protect your data as if it were our own. We work with creators and brands every day to make sure their data security requirements and expectations are met or exceeded. And yes, we’re GDPR compliant.

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Built together

Just as the influencer marketing space is ever-evolving, so too is Sylo. We continuously launch features to ensure you’re maximizing your success and partnerships.

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